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TR 100 C
100ma Medical Radiographic Xray Unit TR 100 C
TR 100 C
100ma Medical Radiographic Xray Unit
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Keep radiation exposure at the minimum. Get a 100 milliampere Medical Radiographic Xray Unit and be assured of superior quality and dependability. This Medical Radiographic Xray Unit is specially planned and created with the most necessary and essential features to provide superior quality in xray diagnostic imaging. This xray equipment comes with the most durable composition such as the Control Desk, High Voltage Xray Generator, High Voltage Cable, Xray Tube Assembly, Radiographic Table, Xray Collimator and an optional Chest Film Stand to provide added radiation protection to the patients as well as the radiological technologists and radiologists.

Comparable with the other xray units, this TR 100C Medical Radiographic Xray Unit is most compatible for routine radiography and bucky radiography. It uses a 100mA xray tube current, which provides a sufficient intensity of desired radiographic quantity and quality. This Medical Radiographic Xray Unit is specially designed with complete and reasonable functions that provide accurate and safe radiographic procedures. This outstanding and heavy-duty xray equipment is an excellent choice of xray tool in any radiology departments today.

  • Control desk
  • High voltage xray generator
  • High voltage cable
  • Xray tube assembly
  • Radiographic table pillar of xray sourcee
  • Xray Collimator
  • Chest film stand is optional

Power Supply

  • Voltage: single phase, 220V or 380V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz positive or negative 0.5Hz
  • Capacity: 10kVA
  • Xray Tube Voltage: 90kV
  • Xray Tube Current: 100mA
  • Voltage: 50 to 90kVV
  • Current: small focus 25mA; big focus 50mA, 75mA, 100mA
  • Xray Exposure time: 0.04 to 6.3s
High voltage transformer unit
  • Capacity: 7kVA
Xray tube
  • Xray Unit Model: XD4 2.9 over 100
  • Xray Tube Focusl: small focus 1.8mm, big focus 4.3mm
Radiographic table
  • Radiographic Table Face: 1960mm x 660mm x 700mm
Maximum size of Cassette for Radiography
  • 14 inches x17 inches
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