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TR 200 A
200ma Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
TR 200 A
200ma Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
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The many different types of xray units are usually identified according to either the energy of the xrays they produce or the purpose for which these xrays are intended, thus, this TR200A Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is classified as diagnostic xray.

The TR200A Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is usually operated at 200mA xray tube current to serve its purpose in radiographic diagnostic imaging. With its most advanced and state-of-the art features and components, this TR 200A Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is most ideal for fluoroscopy, routine radiography, spot film radiography and bucky radiography. It provides the most precise and accurate xray diagnostic results to help the xray technologists and radiologists come up with a good quality radiographs and exact diagnosis of the patientsí state of condition. This Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit comes with the most durable components such as the Controller, H.T Generator, H.T Cable, Diagnostic Table and Xray Tube Assembly.

Check out on this most reliable and heavy-duty Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit and be assured of superior quality and dependability.

  • Control
  • H.T. Generator
  • H.T. Cable
  • Diagnostic table
  • Diagnostic table
  • Fluoroscopy
    1. Voltage: 50 to 95kV adjustablee
    2. Current: 0.5 to 5mA
  • Radiography
    1. Xray Tube Voltage: 50 to 100kV adjustable
    2. Xray Tube Current: small focus 15mA; big focus 50,100,150,200mA, 5 electronic steps
    3. Xray Spot Film: 150mA fixed
    4. Exposure Time: 0.04 to 6.3seconds, 23 steps
  • H.T. Generator
    1. Capacity: 20kVA
    2. Voltage: 100kVs
    3. Maximum Current: 200mA
  • Xray Tube Assembly
    1. Xray Unit Model: XD51 20,24 over 100
    2. Xray Focal Spot: 1 x 1mm, 2 x 2mm
    3. Speed: 2880 roentgen per minute
  • Power Supply
    1. Voltage: 380V or 200V
    2. Frequency: 50Hz
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