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TR 200 B
200ma Radiographic Xray Unit
TR 200 B
200ma Radiographic Xray Unit
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This TR 200B Radiographic Xray Unit answers the need for more accurate diagnostic xray imaging for routine radiography and bucky radiography. With all its advanced features and superb design, this Radiographic Xray Unit is a must- have in the radiology departments of your hospitals and clinics.

This exceptional radiographic tool produces 200mA xray tube current for xray diagnostic imaging purposes. This is equipped with a versatile diagnostic bed that comes with an electromagnetic braking device for easy movement and flexibility in order to provide safe and accurate positioning of the patient for a more precise radiographic imaging and will help to provide superior quality radiographs. This TR 200B Radiographic Xray Unit is purposely made in the most durable and heavy-duty materials to provide long period of service. This is presented with the most reliable and high quality components such as the Control Desk, High Voltage Generator, High Voltage Cable, Xray Tube Assembly, Radiographic Table and Xray Collimator. These essential components of this xray unit offer efficiency and accuracy in performing radiographic procedures.

  • Control Desk
  • High Voltage Generator
  • High Voltage Cable
  • Xray Tube Assembly
  • Radiographic Table
  • Pillar Of Xray Source
  • Collimator
  • Radiography
    1. Xray Tube Voltage: 50 to 100kV continuously adjustable
    2. Xray Tube Current: small focus 50mA; big focus 50,100,150,200mA
    3. Exposure Time: 0.05 to 6.3seconds
  • High Voltage Generator
    1. Capacity: 20kVA instantaneous
    2. Max DC Output Voltage: 100kV
    3. Max DC Output Current: 200mA
  • Xray Tube
    1. Xray Unit Modely: XD51 20,40 over 100
    2. Xray Tube Focus: small focus: 1 x 1mm; big focus: 2 x 2mm
  • Radiographic Table
    1. Radiographic Table Face: 2000mm x 780mm x 680mm
    2. Movement Range: 800mm in length, 240mm in width
    3. Maximum Size Of Cassette For Radiography: 14 inches x 17 inches
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