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TR 300 A
300ma Radiographic Xray Unit
TR 300 A
300ma Radiographic Xray Unit
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When safety and accuracy is of essence to you, check out this type of radiographic xray unit. This xray radiographic tool is specially designed to perform routine radiography and bucky radiography.

With its full wave rectification feature, it reduces the xray exposure time of the radiologic technologists and patients to unnecessary radiation and limits the hazardous effects to the body.

The TR 300A Radiographic Xray Unit is equipped with the most essential and necessary features to allow maximum accuracy in radiographic imaging. This xray equipment comes with revolutionary components such as Control Desk, High Voltage Generator, High Voltage Cable, Xray Tube Assembly, Radiographic Table, Pillar of Xray Source, Collimator and an optional Chest Film Stand that provides maximum level of radiation protection. The power supplied to the xray machine is delivered to a special transformer called an autotransformer. This autotransformer is designed to supply voltage of varying magnitude to the xray machine. The voltage supplied to the high voltage transformer of this radiographic xray unit is controlled and variable for a much safer and easier engineering variation. The filament of the Xray Tube Assembly is mono-static and equipped with space charge compensator. The Radiographic Table of this xray unit can be moved crosswise and lengthwise allowing easy patientís positioning and accurate aiming of the xray beam. The TR 300A Radiographic Xray Unit uses 300mA xray tube current for diagnostic xray imaging. It gives more accurate diagnostic xray results and provides the safest radiation protection to the patients as well as the radiologic technologists.

  • Control Desk
  • High voltage generator
  • High voltage cable
  • Xray tube assembly
  • Radiographic table
  • Pillar of xray source
  • Collimator
  • Chest film stand is optional
  • Radiography
    1. Xray Tube Voltage: 50 to 125 continuously adjustable
    2. Xray Tube Current: small focus 50mA, 100mA; big focus 50, 100, 200, 300mA
    3. Xray Exposure Time: 0.04 to 6.3s
  • High Voltage Generator
    1. Capacity: 20kVA instantaneous
    2. Maximum DC Output Voltage: 125kV
    3. Maximum DC Output Current: 300mA
  • Xray Tube
    1. Xray Unit Model: XD51 20,40 over 125
    2. Xray Tube Focus: small focus: 1x1mm; big focus: 2 x 2mm
  • Radiographic Table
    1. Radiographic Table Face: 2000mm x 665mm x 700mm
    2. Movement Range: 640mm in length; 200mm in width
    3. Maximum Size Of Cassette For Radiography: 14 inches x17 inches
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