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Bedside Xray Unit
Bedside Xray Unit
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Looking up for an xray unit for your hospital wards and emergency treatment room? Invest in this Bedside Xray Unit. This Bedside Xray Unit is safe, reliable, and flexible. This is equipped with a wireless remote control device that controls the xray unit within a maximum distance of five meters. This bedside xray unit is also equipped with essential exposure timers that functions properly and accurately.

The xray tube, control console and high voltage generator of this bedside xray unit are housed compactly, which offers an accurate and satisfactory application during bedside radiography. This bedside xray unit uses a stationary anode xray tube in which high tube current and power is not required and uses solid-state rectifiers made of silicon. The xray generator of this bedside xray unit is oil-immersed and has the function of self-cooling to prevent overheating and provides long period of service. This excellent and modern Bedside Xray Unit is compact and lightweight for easy transporting and purposely created with the best and essential features to perform accurate bedside radiography.

  • Xray Generator
    1. Stationary anode, single focus and bridge rectification
    2. Oil immersed self-cooled unit
  • Required Radiographic Power Supply
    1. Voltage: 180 to 240V
    2. Frequency: 50Hz
    3. Power is not lower than 7kVA
  • Xray Tube Range
    1. 50 to 90kVp
  • Xray Exposure Time
    1. 0.08seconds to 6.3seconds
  • Distance Between The Cray Tube Focus And The Ground
    1. 700 to 1780m
  • Transverse Rotation Of The Xray Tube Focus
    1. Positive or negative 60 degrees
  • Xray Unit Weight
    1. 250kg
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