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F 30 IIF
Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit F 30 IIF
F 30 IIF
Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
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The F 30 IIF Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is an excellent xray diagnostic tool that assures superior quality and world-class excellence. This dependable xray unit can perform nearly all-radiographic functions such as fluoroscopy, routine radiography, spot film radiography and bucky radiography.

This Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is specially created with the most appropriate and outstanding features to take full advantage of the unit. It comes with reliable and durable components such as H.T Generator, Diagnostic Table, Xray Tube Assembly, Xray Tube Assembly Stand, H.T Cable and an optional Tomographic Attachment and Vertical Bucky for Linear Tomographic Imaging.

Furthermore, this xray unit uses 200mA xray tube current for the purpose of radiographic diagnosis and this is designed to operate at 220 to 380 V power. The diagnostic table of this medical diagnostic xray unit is motor driven with spring oscillating buck designed for flexibility in order to give better and accurate view of the organs that are being radiographed. The spot film device of this medical diagnostic xray unit is equipped with self-centering holder for cassettes of different sizes with electromagnetic locks to provide proper radiation exposure and lower patient dose during fluoroscopic imaging.

This revolutionary Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is exceptional radiographic equipment in any Radiology Departments today.

  • H.T. Generator
  • Diagnostic test
  • Xray tube assembly
  • Xray tube assembly stand
  • H.T. Cable
  • Tomographic attachment is optional
  • Vertical bucky stand
  • Fluoroscopy
    1. 0.05 to 5mA, 40 to 90kV continuously adjustable
  • Radiography
    1. Xray Tube Voltage: 50 to 100kV
    2. Xray Tube Current: 30 to 200mA
    3. Xray Exposure Time: 0.05 to 6seconds
  • Diagnostic Table
    1. Table Tilting: positive 90 degrees to 0 degree to 5 degrees, motor driven
    2. Spot Film Device: Moving Range:
      1. longitudinal: 560mm
      2. Transverse: positive or negative 80mm
      3. Compressed: 300mm
    3. Table Top Film Distance: 60mm
    4. Collimator: single leaf manual
  • Xray Tube Assembly
    1. Xray Unit Model: XD51 20,40 over 100
    2. Xray Tube Focus: 1 x 1mm or 2 x 2mm
    3. Speed: 2800roentgen per minute
  • Power supply
    1. Voltage: single phase: 380V or 220V
    2. Capacity: 13kVA
    3. Frequency: 50Hz
  • Tomographic Attachment Is Optional
    1. Exposure Angle: 30degrees to 60 degrees, adjustable
    2. Layer Height: 20 to 200mm, manual
    3. Exposure Time: 0.6 to 1.5seconds
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