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F 78 III B
Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit F 78 III B
F 78 III B
Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
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The F 78 IIIB Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is truly extraordinary and very effective in any radiographic application because it can perform many radiographic functions such as fluoroscopy, routine radiography, spot film radiography, bucky radiography and linear tomography. This Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit comes with special functions and features that offer complete radiation protection to the xray technologists and lower patient dose to the patients. This xray equipment offers precise performance and high quality radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging and diagnosis. This F 78IIB Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit comes with revolutionary components such as the H.T Generator, two Diagnostic Table, two Xray Tube Assembly, Xray Tube Assembly Stand, Collimator and optional Radiographic Table, TV System, Remote Control, Vertical Bucky Stand and Tomographic Attachment.

The xray tube of this medical diagnostic xray unit is mounted inside a lead-lined protective housing designed to control serious hazards in radiology such as excessive radiation protection and electric shock. The protective housing of this xray tube also provides mechanical support for the xray tube and protects the tube from damage caused by rough handling. This xray unit comes with spot film device with self-centering holder for cassettes of different sizes and electromagnetic locks to allow maximum level of radiation protection during fluoroscopic procedures. This Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit uses a 300 mA xray tube current for a more precise diagnostic xray imaging and it is designed to operate at conventional 220 to 380 V, single phase power. The xray unitís tube stand comes with telescopic rotating tube arm, electromagnetic locks and safety cable device. The collimator is adjusting mechanically when used under the diagnostic table and manually when used over the diagnostic table. The table top of the radiographic table can be moved longitudinally and transversely to ensure easy positioning of the patient and accurate aiming of the xray beam. This xray unit has been designed with an interface, which can be connected to a TV system during fluoroscopic procedures.

  • Fluoroscopy
    1. Voltage: 0.05mA, 45 to 110kV, continuously adjustableRadiography
  • Radiography
    1. Xray Tube Voltage: 50 to 125kV, continuously adjustable
    2. Xray Tube Current: 25 to 300mA, continuously adjustable
    3. Xray Exposure Time: 0.02 to 5seconds
  • Diagnostic Table
    1. Table Tilting: positive 90 degrees to 0 degree to 15 degrees motor driven
    2. Table Top Movement: 500mm at head end
    3. Spot Film Device: Moving Range:
      1. longitudinal: 720mm
      2. Transverse: positive or negative 125mm
      3. Compressed: 300mm
    4. Collimator: multi leaf motor-driven
  • Xray Tube Assembly
    1. Xray Unit Model XD51 20,40 over 125
    2. Xray Tube Focus 1 x 1mm or 2 x 2mm
    3. Speed: 2800roentgen per minute
  • Power Supply
    1. Voltage: single phase: 380V or 220V
    2. Capacity: 20kVA
    3. Frequency: 50Hz
  • Tomographic Attachment Is Optional
    1. Exposure Angle: 10 degrees to 50 degrees, adjustable
    2. Layer Height: 0 to 200mm, motor-driven
    3. Exposure Time: 2 seconds
  • LS Vertical Bucky Stand
    1. Plate Size: 592 x 576mm
    2. Vertical Travel Range: 450 to 1540mm
    3. Maximum Loading: 100kilograms
    4. Grid: oscillating
    5. Focus: 1500mm
    6. Ratio: R8
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