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TR 100 A
Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit TR 100 A
TR 100 A
Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
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Make the most appropriate medical and radiographic diagnosis, access to this powerful medical xray diagnostic tool. The TR 100 A Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit can perform many radiographic functions such as fluoroscopy, routine radiography, spot film radiography and bucky radiography.

This Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is particularly planned and created with the most advanced and vital features to offer accurate and satisfactory results during any radiographic procedures. This medical diagnostic xray unit is operated at 100mA xray tube current to serve its purpose in radiographic diagnostic imaging. This excellent and outstanding xray machine is best equipped with the most sophisticated, most undemanding and most accurate digital timer which can be use for rapid serial radiographic exposures and particularly suitable for special xray procedures. The TR 100A Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is mostly applicable in fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging. The radiographic diagnostic table is movable and adjustable to provide accurate positioning of the patients that can lead to a good quality radiographs. This TR 100 A Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is outstanding and dependable xray diagnostic equipment in any radiological departments today.

  • Controller
  • H.T. Generator
  • Xray Diagnostic Table
  • H.T. Cable
  • Xray Tube Assembly
  • Fluoroscopy
    1. Voltage: 50 to 90kV
    2. Current: 0.5 to 5mA
  • Radiography
    1. Xray Tube Voltage: 50 to 90kV
    2. Xray Tube Current: small focus is 15mA; big focus is 50,60,100mA, 4 electronic steps
    3. Radiographic Spot Film: 100mA fixed
    4. Xray Exposure Time: 0.04 to 6.3seconds, 24 electronic steps
  • Diagnostic Table
    1. Table Tilting: positive 90degrees to 0degree to negative 5degrees
    2. Spot Film Device Film Sizes: 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 10 x 12, 11 x 14
  • Xray Tube Stand
    1. Sliding Longitudinal Along The Floor: 1500mm
    2. Transverse Movement: 360mm
    3. Vertical Movement Along The Stand: 720 to 1720 from focus to the ground
  • Xray Tube Assembly
    1. Xray Unit Model: XD51 20,40 over 100
    2. Xray Tube Focus: 1 x 1mm, 2 x 2mm
  • Power Supply
    1. Voltage: single phase; 380V or 220V
    2. Capacity: 50Hz positive or negative 0.5Hz
    3. Frequency: 10kVA
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