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TR 50 C
Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus
TR 50 C
Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus
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Canít wait to bring your patient to the Xray room? Invest in this heavy-duty and high-quality Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus. This outstanding mobile xray unit is specially designed with the most excellent and fundamental features to offer superior quality in radiographic imaging.

This Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus is incorporated with the most essential and hardwearing components intended for portability and easy movement. The xray tube, the control console and the high-voltage section generator of this Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus are housed compactly for accessibility in performing bedside radiography. The control console of this mobile xray unit provides labeled adjustments of the kVp and mAs to allow the technologists to control the xray tube current and xray tube voltage for proper intensity and penetrability most useful in producing a good quality radiograph.

This Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus is specially created with a modular xray tube head that permits easy positioning of the xray tube and proper aiming of the xray beam. This xray unit is operated at 50 mA xray tube current to provide safe and accurate xray diagnostic imaging. This Mobile Bedside Xray Apparatus is an excellent xray diagnostic tool for your radiology department. This can be used for nearly all-radiographic examinations in hospital wards or operating rooms.

  • Required Radiographic Power Supply
    1. 180Volts to 240Volts
  • Radiographic Frequency
    1. 50Hz
  • Xray Tube Current
    1. 15A maximum
  • Xray Exposure Timer
    1. 0.08 to 6seconds, 20 electronic stepsm
  • Maximum Height Xray Tube Focus To Floor
    1. 1820mm
  • Minimum Height Xray Tube Focus To Floor
    1. 550mm
  • Xray Collimator
    1. Maximum Xray Film Size: 1000mm
    2. Focal Distance: 430 x430mm
  • Maximum Distance Of The Xray Unit Remote Control
    1. 6meters
  • Xray Tube Focus
    1. 2.3 x 2.3
  • Xray Unit Wei
    1. 90kilograms
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