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TR 50 B
Mobile Diagnostic Xray Unit
TR 50 B
Mobile Diagnostic Xray Unit
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This Mobile Diagnostic Xray Unit is a high quality diagnostic xray unit most applicable for both radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations. With its most advanced and essential features, this TR 50 B Mobile Diagnostic Xray Unit is purposely created with the most durable and hardwearing components to do mobile radiography. The xray tube, the operating console and the high-voltage generator of this Mobile diagnostic Xray Unit are housed compactly for ease of movement and portability. The xray tube of this mobile xray unit is incorporated with an xray tube protective device designed to control serious hazards in radiographic procedures such as excessive radiation exposure and electric shock. The xray tube protective device also provides mechanical support for the xray tube and protects the tube from damage caused by rough handling.

This Mobile Diagnostic Xray Unit is included with a remote control to make use of the xray unit even at a certain distance. This mobile xray unit is operated at an xray tube current of 50mA for safe and accurate xray diagnostic imaging. This mobile xray unit is single-focused and full-wave rectified most effective in xray production. In addition, this Mobile Diagnostic Xray Unit is also applicable in fluoroscopic imaging. It is equipped with light and audio indication device for fluoroscopic procedure and the fluoroscopy screen is foldable.

  • Single-Focused, Full Wave Rectification Xray Unit And Can Perform Radiographic And Fluoroscopic Procedures.
  • Equipped With Light And Audio Double Indicator For Fluoroscopy.
  • Equipped With An Xray Tube Protective Capacity Indicating Device.
  • Foldable Fluoroscopy Screen.
  • The Arm Of The Xray Tube Can Rotate 90 Degrees While Performing Bedside Fluoroscopy.
  • A Remote Control Is Included To Control The Xray Unit For Radiographic Exposure.
  • Required Radiographic Power Supply
    1. 180 to 240Volts
  • Radiographic Frequency
    1. 50Hz to 60 Hz
  • Xray Exposure Time
    1. 0.1 to 6seconds, 17 electronic steps
  • Xray Tube Focus
    1. ? 2.3 x 2.3
  • Screen Size
    1. 350 x350mm
  • Distance From Xray Tube Focus To The Screen
    1. 630mm
  • Xray Unit Vertical Travel
    1. 800mm
  • Xray Unit Lateral Travel
    1. 160mm
  • Minimum Distance From Xray Tube Focus Tto Floor
    1. 500mm
  • Maximum Distance Ffrom Xray Tube Focus To Floor
    1. 1800mm
  • Xray Unit Remote Control Range
    1. 6m
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