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TR 30 A
Mobile Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
TR 30 A
Mobile Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit
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The TR 30 A Mobile Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is equipped with the best and essential features to provide maximum level of diagnostic quality and specially designed to improve radiographic quality.

This Mobile Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit is great for radiographic diagnostic purposes. The value of radiographs produced by this portable xray diagnostic tool is of high quality. It gives accurate xray diagnostic imaging and provides satisfactory radiographs. This excellent mobile diagnostic xray unit is specially made to be compact and lightweight for portability, to provide the accessibility in delivering quality radiographic services to the people.

In addition, this Mobile Medical Diagnostic Xray Unit comes with a wireless remote exposure control device that can control the xray unit within 5 to 10 meters. The xray unitís main body has a PVC panel that makes the appearance look fine and stable. Its high stability and strong anti jamming capability makes this radiographic unit very effective in medical diagnosis and radiological procedures. This xray unit aids to simplify the work of the radiographer and the radiologist as well because it gives the most precise and satisfactory xray results and good quality radiographs. This xray unit is most applicable in radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging.

  • Maximum Radiographic Rating Capability
    1. 85kVp, 30mA
  • Required Radiographic Power Supply
    1. 180V to 240V AC
  • Required Radiographic Frequency
    1. 50Hz
  • Fluorescent Screen Size
    1. 280mm x 350mm
  • Xray Exposure Range
    1. 0.1second to 8seconds
  • Distance Between Xray Tube Focus And Fluorescent Screen
    1. 700mm
  • Xray Unit Vertical Movement Range
    1. 1100mm
  • Xray Unit Horizontal Movement Range
    1. 160mm
  • Xray Head Rotation Angle
    1. 90 degrees
  • Rotation Angle Of The Xray Controller And Xray Accessory Case
    1. 80 degrees
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