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TR 50 R
Portable Bedside Xray Unit
TR 50 R
Portable Bedside Xray Unit
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Every xray machine, regardless of its design, has three principal parts: the xray tube, the control console and the high voltage generator. In this type of xray apparatus, such as Portable Bedside Xray Unit, these three components are housed compactly. The xray tube head of this Portable Bedside Unit is modular to permit easy positioning of the tube and the height of this unit is adjustable to allow accurate aiming of the xray beam. This portable xray unit’s operating console have controls such as mA select, kV select, mA display, time select, LED, power adjustment display, power voltage display and switch, and by selecting a combination of these controls the technologists can provide precisely the required xray factors to produce a high quality radiograph. This portable xray machine is designed to operate on conventional 180 – 240 Volts AC power. Its maximum xray tube current for radiography is 22Amperes. This xray unit comes in lightweight and compact design to allow ease in movement and portability.

This Portable Bedside Xray Unit is very efficient and suitable for radiology departments and clinics. This is an accurate xray tool in performing bedside radiography.

  • Required Radiographic Power Supply
    1. 180 to 240V
  • Radiographic Frequency
    1. 50Hz
  • Xray Tube Current
    1. 22Ampere, maximum current for radiography
  • Xray Exposure Time
    1. 0.05seconds to 6seconds, 20 electronics steps
  • Maximum Height From Xray Tube Focus To Floor
    1. Greater than or equal to 1750mm
  • Minimum Height From Xray Tube Focus To Floor
    1. Lesser than or equal to 500mm
  • Xray Collimator
    1. Maximum film size at 1000mm
  • Focal Distance
    1. 430 x 430mm
  • Xray Generator Rotation Angle
    1. Positive or negative 180 degrees
  • Xray Unit Maximum Distance Of Remote Control
    1. 7meters
  • Xray Tube Focus
    1. 2.6 x 2.6
  • Xray Unit Weight
    1. 90kg
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