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Applanation Tonometer
Applanation Tonometer
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Searching for a non-invasive and painless procedure in measuring intraocular fluid pressure? Search no more, for YX30R is the best in the market today!

This applanation tonometer is designed based on IMBERT-FICK Theory to check intraocular pressure. It is attached to a slit lamp microscope and measures the amount of force required to flatten the corneal apex by a standard amount. This applanation tonometer is a state-of- the art ergonomic design and advanced electronic measurement technology enable operators to take fast and accurate IOP measurement with minimal training.

YZ30R applanation tonometer gives high accuracy of the measurement. The average deviation in any one single examination does not exceed +/- 0.5. mm HG. In addition, repeated measuring procedures do not reduce the ocular pressure as no massaging effect occurs. There are also no standardization and calibration difficulties during examination. The measuring force is generated by spring force.

Both R model and T model are available in the market. It is made of high grade materials to ensure effective performance and long service life. It has undergone rigorous test to meet the quality standards required for the examination of the eye. It guarantees accurate result of the examination to save time and effort.

So, stop the search for other applanation tonometer! Buy this now!

  • Measurement Range: 0-10.6 Kpa
  • Light Ring Displacement: 1.53 x 2 = 3.06 mm
  • Diameter of the testing head: 7mm
  • Average Error: plus-minus 70pa
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