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Schiotz Tonometer
Schiotz Tonometer
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“For a non-invasive and painless procedure in examining your cornea”

Your eyes are the windows of your soul as they say. They allow you to see the beauty of the world. With your eyes, you were able to appreciate the different shades of colors as well as the shapes, features and structures in your surroundings. The conditions of your eyes must be examined for possible problems. This procedure of examining the eyes is called tonometry. Tonometry is the method of measuring the intraocular fluid pressure calibrated instrument that indent or flatten the corneal apex. The eye can be considered as an enclosed compartment through which there is a constant circulation of aquaeous humor which maintains the shape of the eye with a relatively uniform pressure within the globe.

There are two most common types of tonometer: they are Schi?tz and Applanation. YZ7A Tonometer is a Schiotz type of tonometer which is a portable handheld instrument that may be used in an office, clinic, emergency room, operating room or at the bedside. It measures the amount of corneal indentation produced by a preset weight. The softer the eye, the more given weight will indent the cornea. This Schiotz tonometer is placed directly on the cornea of the patient when he is already in a supine position after his cornea is anesthetized with anesthetic eye drop.

ZY7A Tonometer is the mostly used device in the hospital at present. Each division on the scale corresponds to an indentation of 1/20 mm on the cornea. It enhances examination capabilities and gives conclusive result in a short span of time! This is truly the kind of ophthalmoscope you need!

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