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Streak Retinoscope
Streak Retinoscope
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Is your child near or far sighted? Does she has trouble seeing? Want to test the vision of your child and get accurate result? To have the answers you need, get one of our YZ24 Streak Retinoscope

Visions of small children who are so young to communicate or recognize letters are tested and determined by the use of a retinoscope, an instrument an eye doctor uses to see how light is refracted or bent by the eye.

Essentially, a retinoscope permits the eye specialist to see how well or how poorly a small child can see. There are two types of retinoscope, the spot and the streak retinoscope. The spot retinoscope emits a spot or circular beam from a light source with a coiled filament whereas the streak retinoscope emits a streak or rectangular beam from a source that uses a linear filament. Basically, the streak retinoscope is more useful because it is easier to detect astigmatism. In most cases, the streak retinoscope has replaced the use of the spot retinoscope. A streak retinoscope is capable of producing a beam of light of rectangular cross-section with adjustable focusing.

This streak retinoscope is commercially available and has a light source (S), consisting of a straight-filament bulb that is located in the handle of the instrument. It is small, compact and light weight.

Definitely, this is the streak retinoscope you need!

Technical Parameter:
  • Work Distance: 1m
  • Streak Light Width: 3mm~20mm
  • Rotation Angle of streak: 360
  • Illumination Bulb: 3V/2W Incandescent Lamp
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
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