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Electronic Spirometer TRES-IB
Electronic Spirometer
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Are you worried and want to know accurately how well your studentsí lungs are? Well, end your worries now for we have the instrument that can give you accurate result! Itís the TRES-IB electronic spirometer which is used to evaluate airflow obstruction determined by the ratio of FEV (volume of air that the patient can forcibly exhale in one second) to force vital capacity.

TRES-IB electronic spirometer is suitable for health check-up of students in middle school and elementary school. It is an expensive pocket apparatus for asthma screening. It displays actual and percent predicted.

TRES-IB spirometer is an instrument that measures how well your lungs are working. To use one, a student breathes into a mouthpiece. The doctor may ask the student to breathe normally or to take a deep breath and blow the air quickly out of the lungs, like blowing up a balloon. A recording device measures the amount of air inhaled or exhaled and how much time each breath took. These measurements can help the doctor find out if a student has a lung problem, such as asthma. Because asthma if left undetected may cause oneís life!

So why take chances of losing one of your studentsí precious lives because of undetected lung problem? Get this TRES-IB electronic spirometer now!

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