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Electronic Spirometer TRES-IIB
Electronic Spirometer
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Undetected lung problems may result to graver health problems. And it may even lead to one’s death.

There are many ways to detect lung problems such as asthma for example. One of which is Spirometry which is used to evaluate airflow obstruction determined by the ratio of FEV or volume of air that a patient can forcibly exhale in 1 second to force vital capacity (FVC). With obstruction, the patient either has difficulty exhaling or cannot forcibly exhale air from his lungs reducing the FEV.

Spirometry uses spirometer which is an apparatus for measuring the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. It is a precision differential pressure transducer for the measurements of respiration flow rates. The spirometer records the amount of air and the rate of air that is breathed in and out over a specified time. Spirometric results are expressed as an absolute volume and as percent-predicted using appropriate normal values for gender, age and height.

TRES-IIB is an electronic spirometer which is suitable for health evaluation of patients in the hospitals. It is a diagnostic device with proven reliability, accuracy and stability for screening the lungs of the patients.

Screening of one’s lung for obstruction or asthma is important for a longer and happier life. And the accuracy and reliability of the diagnostic device is a must! So take this TRES-IIB as your screening device now!

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