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TBC 820
Movable Ultrasound Scanner
TBC 820
Movable Ultrasound Scanner
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The TBC Movable Ultrasound Scanner is a high-tech portable diagnostic ultrasound unit applicable for hospitals and clinics. This artistically and elegantly designed Movable Ultrasound Scanner is equipped with the best and essential features to offer a high quality and accurate diagnostic imaging results.

This Movable Ultrasound Scanner uses different kinds of operational modes. The B-Mode which is most widely employed and used primarily for abdominal imaging and the M-Mode that is particularly used for dynamic imaging of internal structures. This Movable Ultrasound Scanner is accurate and reliable in diagnosing disease states and evaluation of internal organs and structures. It is also commonly used in obstetrics for observing pregnancy problems, as well as the position and age of fetus. It is often used as the first screening examination tool for many medical conditions that affect children.

This Movable Ultrasound Scanner is best equipped with digital monitor, big visual field keyboard and vivid track ball for easy operation and it comes with optional accessories to take full advantage of the unit.

Main Functions:
  • This ultrasound unit has gynecology software, which can measure and calculate the gestation period of the fetus, date of birth, embryo age, area, capacity and heart rate.
  • This ultrasound unit can be connected to a recorder or monitor.
  • Shows the annotation manifestations such as date, time, hospitalís name, patientís name and serial number.
  • Magnifies the four kinds manifestations.
  • Displays diagram treatment.
Main Techique Index Sign:
  • Way Scan: Convex Or Linear
  • Frequency Scans: 2.0 to 7.5 mega hertz
  • Probe: convex array; R40mm to R60mm
  • Angle scan: convex array; 60 degree to 120 degree
  • Width scans: linear array; 110mm
  • Modes: B, B plus B, B plus M, M
  • Distinguishes the rate: Lengthways: greater or less than 5 percent
  • Horizontal: greater or less than 2mm
  • Position accuracy: Vertical: greater or less than 5 percent
  • Horizontal: greater or less than 5 percent
  • Depth: 220mm
  • Probe depth: greater or less than 190mm
  • Gray scale: 256 classes
  • Line scans: 128 by 4 lines or frame
  • Frame frequency: 30 frame per second
  • Scope: 1 to 100 dB
  • Near field, far field and total enhancement is adjustable
  • Way focus: focus 4 dynamic variable paths, single point; combination of many points can be automatically focused, dynamic frequency scan
  • Digital scan: 512 by 512 by 8 bits
  • Human body marking: 50 above
  • Monitor display: 14 inches
  • Power supply: 160 volts to 260 volts; 50 hertz
  • Safe standard system
  • Standard system: main positive 3.5 mega hertz; convex array probe
Optional Accessories:
  • 3.5 To 7.5 Linear Array Probe
  • 2 To 7.5-Mega Hertz Convex Scanning Probe
  • 3.5 To 7.5 Mega Hertz Trans Vaginal Probe
  • 3.5 Mega Hertz Cardiogram Probe
  • Image Recorder
  • Image Workstation
  • Piercing Accessories
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