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TBP 800A
Portable Dual-Mode Ultrasound Scanner
TBP 800A
Portable Dual-Mode Ultrasound Scanner
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Comparable with the other diagnostic ultrasound scanner, this heavy-duty Portable Dual-Mode Ultrasound Unit is proved useful in examining and diagnosing abdomen, including liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney and other internal structures.

This portable ultrasound scanner is purposely designed with the best vital features for clinical examination and for monitoring surgical operation. This is particularly used in obstetrics in determining pregnancy problems and pregnancy diagnosis. It comes with a dynamic operational real-time mode that allows for observation of the structures in motion.

This Portable Dual-Mode Ultrasound Scanner uses two scanning transducers; linear array and convex array and it comes with optional accessories to take full advantage of the unit. It is compact and lightweight to provide portability and ease of movement.

Main Functions:
  • Scanning Mode: Convex Array And Linear Array
  • Display Mode: Real Time And Frozen B Plus B, B Plus M
  • Measures Distances Between Any Two Points, Area Volume, Circumference, Heart Rate And Gestation Weeks Can Automatically Be Calculated And Shown.
  • Displays Letters And Body Marks
  • Image Can Be Adjusted
  • Transducer: Convex Array And Linear Array
  • Image Modes: B, B Plus B, B Plus M, M
  • Transducer Frequency: 2 To 7.5 Mega Hertz
  • Probe: 60mm Or R40mm Compatible
  • Detectable Depth: 180mm, 230mm
  • Resolutions: Longitudinal: Greater Or Less Than 1mm; Lateral: Greater Or Less Than 2mm
  • Gray Scale: 256
  • Focus: 4 Points Electronic Focus, Acoustic Transmission Lens Focus
  • Marks Display: Date, Time, Patient File, Probe Mark, Frequency, Focusing Position And Letter Note
  • Monitor: 7 Inches
  • Images Process: Pre-Process, Correction Process, Interpolation, Save, Compare, Replay
  • Dimension: 410mm X 275mm X 235mm
  • Standard System: Main Positive 3.5 Mega Hertz Convex Probe
Optional Accessories:

  • 3.5 To 7.5 Mega Hertz Linear Scanning Probe
  • 2 To 7.5 Mega Hertz Convex Scanner
  • 3.5 To 7.5 Mega Hertz Trans Vagina Probe
  • 3.5 Mega Hertz Cardiogram Probe
  • Image Recorder
  • Image Workstation
  • 14-Inch Monitor
  • Instrument Cart
  • Piercing Accessories
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