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TBP 600 C
Portable Linear Array Diagnostic Scanner
TBP 600 C
Portable Linear Array Diagnostic Scanner
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This Portable Linear Array Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanner is most ideal for hospitals and ob-gyne clinics. It can perform many diagnostic ultrasound procedures. It is extremely valuable in medical imaging diagnosis of diseases, evaluation of internal organs like kidney, gall bladder and other internal structures and specifically applicable for abdominal imaging.

This Portable Linear Array Diagnostic Scanner is an ideal non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound tool that provides painless procedure in observing pregnancy problems as well as the age and position of the fetus. It is specially designed with linear array transducer for enhanced image quality and better image density. It comes in a compact and lightweight design for portability.

This Portable Linear Array Diagnostic Scanner is ideally equipped with the most necessary and fundamental features intended to provide maximum level of accuracy and dependability in its specific application.

Main Functions:
  • 1, 1.2, 1.5, and 2 multiplies image
  • Image movement: left or right, black and white changes, scrolling and depth shift
  • Image process: save, replay and compare
  • Electronic ruler can measure distance, area, circumference, and heart rate and shows the age and gestation period of the fetus.
  • Display: date, time, ID, letter note, six body marks
  • Piercing
  • Time clock shows the date and time
  • Transducer mode: linear array
  • Transducer frequency: 3.5 mega hertz
  • Imaging modes: B, B plus B, B plus M, M
  • Scanning range: 100mm by 200mm
  • Detectable depth: 220mm maximum
  • Focus: dynamic aperture 4 points focus
  • Gray scale: 256
  • Resolution: Longitudinal: greater or less than 1mm
  • Lateral: greater or less than 2mm
  • Scan line: 512 line or frame
  • Frame frequency: 30 frame per second
  • Geometrical position error: greater or less than 5 percent
  • Enhances range: 0 to 100dB; continuous
  • Digital scan converter: 512 by 512 by 6 bit
  • Video output: PAL D or NTSC
  • Monitor: 7inches
  • Power supply: 110 to 2260 volts
  • Power consumption: 50watts
  • Weight: 7 kilograms
  • Standard system: main positive 3.5mega hertz convex probe
Optional Parts:
  • Tracking ball
  • 3.5 to7.5 hertz scanning probe
  • Image recorder
  • Image workstation
  • 14-inch monitor
  • Instrument cart
  • Piercing accessories
  • High frequency probe
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